How to Use This Site

This site is a place to look up keyboard shortcuts and code that you can't remember.

You can look up shortcuts or code by typing into the search bar on the main page. For shortcuts, you can search by the program a shortcut is for (e.g. "Google Chrome") or what a shortcut does (e.g. "copy") or both (e.g. "Google Chrome copy"). For code, you can search by the library or package a piece of code is from (e.g. "jQuery") or what that piece of code does (e.g. "run function after page loads") or both.

If you can't find what you're looking for, and you end up having to search elsewhere on the web, you can also add things you find to this site once you track them down. To do that, you'll need to sign in andclick the "add shortcut" or "add code" button on the appropriate program or code library, and then enter the information. The next time you or anyone else needs to look that information up, it'll be there.

There is a style guide with tips on how to write good entries for shortcuts or code.